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Boundaries Video – Henry Cloud

Come and hear more on setting healthy boundaries from Dr Henry Cloud this October in Bracknell:

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Sabbath: Receiving Revelation in Rest – Pete Scazzero

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Sabbath: Receiving Revelation in Rest
When we miss the gift of rest, especially Sabbath rest, we miss so much of God.
First, God comes to us with insights and truths that can only come when we rest. Our minds are not filled with our to do list or goals. The …

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Trusting in God Alone – Helen Paris

I have been impacted by a book that I received from a friend entitled ‘Jesus Calling’. As the Holy Spirit so often does in our lives, He moves through another person to minister to our individual spiritual needs.
This book has met me where I needed to be encouraged to continually seek the living presence of …

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Defining Moments | What Intimacy Requires Part 2

About this Episode
This month’s Defining Moments is the second of our two-part series on a topic that you rarely hear discussed in church: Sex and Intimacy with clinical psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud. This is a topic that bears frank discussion. It is a call to action for us as leaders, as we seek to answer …

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New beginnings – Helen Paris

Thankfully with God there is always a new beginning!
At this precise moment, for us the sun is shining and it brings fresh hope that there might be a summer season yet. However, as much as my nature would love to revel in feelings, and the more wonderful the better, we know that life – in …

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Defining Moments | Defining Categories and Strategies for Managing People

About this Episode
Most leaders face the challenge of managing a diversity of people and situations. Depending on the situation, the right approach can be the difference between mission achievement or calamity. Based on Henry Cloud’s framework of dealing with wise, evil, and foolish people, Bill Hybels and Jim Mellado talk about strategies for encouraging wise …

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A New Place Of Grace – Helen Paris

At the moment I am aware I’m in a progressing transition of understanding the expansiveness of grace.
Many people are ecstatic when they experience salvation, usually the enthusiasm continues for some time. Then the Holy Spirit starts His refining work and as He peels the outer layers of our lives off, He is able to come …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Everyone Has Spiritual Needs, No Matter Who They Are – Grayson Williams

Do not be overawed by the rich, the clever, the successful in the world’s eyes. They have spiritual needs just like any other person, and sometimes even greater than we first imagine. Trust Christ to help you reach these people and He will be there.
Grayson Williams, The Salvation Army
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Defining Moments – …

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Submitted to His Spirit – Helen Paris

It is certainly a journey of trusting God for me. Over the last few months I have experienced the Lord addressing me on a confidence, maybe I could actually call it a trust in the flesh – my flesh – my health.
Yes, my being is a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in – …

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Friendship – Helen Paris


What a privilege it is to be granted friendships.  In my experience some of these close friendships treat us to surprises. Many people I know don’t enjoy surprises – but I LOVE surprises.
Just this week two women I know well rang to say could they take me out for lunch, as it had been my …

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