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Lessons For Young Leaders: Give Young People Responsibility and Expect Great Things of Them – Dave Burke

You know that song ‘ When I survey the wondrous cross’ ? Isaac Watts’ original lyrics ran ‘Where the young prince of glory died’. Jesus was about 30 when he began his public ministry; the early church was a youth movement. The word ‘elders’ can confuse us today. Paul’s elders were probably quite young by …

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Following Jesus is Simple: What Are We Trying to Get People to Do? – John Burke

Following Jesus is simple from Out of the Culture on Vimeo.
In church we teach people to do a lot of things; do this, don’t do that (mostly don’t do that and not enough of do this), but in reality if really study the way of Jesus it’s incredibly simple, too simple, it is abide …

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When is Something the Church? – James Emery White

I once sat in the boardroom of a prominent Christian business leader who proclaimed that his business was just as much the “church” as any other enterprise.
I thought to myself, “Um, no, it’s not.”
A company is not the body of Christ instituted as the hope of the world by Jesus Himself, chronicled breathtakingly by Luke …

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Mastering in Ungrace – James Emery White

President Obama recently praised the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving quarterback Michael Vick a second chance after serving an 18-month prison sentence on charges related to a dogfighting ring.
According to an Associated Press article, “Obama spokesman Bill Burton says the President told owner Jeffrey Lurie that while he condemns the crimes Vick was …

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Is Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Conference team off course?

In response to our request for GLS feedback we received this email and thought we’d throw it open for discussion:
From: Mieke Sanders
Is Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Conference team off course?
This is the third year I am attending the Willow Creek conference. In those past 2 years, I have been very impressed with the …

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Whispers: Hearing God and Responding – Bill Hybels Video Interview

Does God still speak? If so, how can you know whether what you think you might be hearing from God really is from God? In this video interview Jim Mellado asks Bill Hybels some specific questions about whispers from God, such as:

How do you address the subject without it sounding weird?
Why do people shy away …

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Children’s Ministry: Promiseland Curriculum Overview


Promiseland curriculum is available for school terms, summer holidays, and one-off occasional use:
School Term Curriculum Overview
There are two curriculum –

Year A covers ‘God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation’
Year B covers the 5-G’s of Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Good Stewardship
Each year is split into three age ranges: Grades K-1 (Ages 5-6), Grades 2-3 (Ages 7-8), Grades 4-5 (Ages 9-10)
Each …

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Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Goal

Our goal is to have our children come back week after week because they enjoyed their visit so much that they can’t wait to return. We want them to have FUN in Promiseland. While kids keep coming back for the FUN, we can accomplish our mission by continuing to nurture and teach them spiritually. In …

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Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Values

The Promiseland Values

Promiseland is a child-targeted ministry
Promiseland values lessons that are relevant to kids now
Promiseland values teaching the Bible creatively
Promiseland values intentional shepherding of children through small groups
Promiseland values keeping children safe-spiritually, emotionally and physically
Promiseland values FUN!

The Willow Creek Children’s Ministry Team
More info:
Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland VisionChildren’s Ministry: The Promiseland ValuesChildren’s Ministry: The Promiseland GoalChildren’s …

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