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The Multiplier Effect – Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman
The Multiplier Effect
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Boundaries Video – Henry Cloud

Come and hear more on setting healthy boundaries from Dr Henry Cloud this October in Bracknell:

More details

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Difficult Conversations – Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny gives an injection of leadership wisdom at Willow Creek Community Church to launch The Global Leadership Summit 2014 season. Grenny focuses on disproportionate influence in critical moments and how to understand it from a leadership perspective.

Find out more about the Global Leadership Summit 2014

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The False Self – Pete Scazzero


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The False Self
The false self is pretending, consciously or unconsciously, to be somebody you are not. Defensive and superficial, it severely limits our relationships and our effective witness for Christ.
The following is a brief inventory to determine how much of a mask, or false self, you are …

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Defining Moments | Building a Culture for Authentic Spiritual Growth

About this Episode
What kind of culture are you creating in your church? In this edition of Defining Moments, author and psychologist Henry Cloud joins Jim Mellado, president of the Willow Creek Association and host Nancy Beach for a hands-on leadership conversation about: • The definition of culture • Symptoms of healthy vs. unhealthy culture, and …

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Top 12 Signs of Being in “Loving Union” – Pete Scazzero

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Top 12 Signs of Being in “Loving Union”
Jesus’ leadership flowed from a deep centeredness of loving union with his Father. His activity flowed from a total dependence and unceasing communion with him. He invites us to a similar relationship with him: “If you remain in me and I …

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Leading from Your True Self – Rich Villodas


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Leading from Your True Self
Last week at our New Life “Kardia” Leadership conference, we invited Dr. Robert Mulholland to speak to over 175 ministry leaders from New Life on “Leading from your true self.” Throughout the day, he unpacked the themes of spiritual …

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Challenges and Solutions to Make Your Church More Effective Today – Part 2

Challenge two – Relationships and accountability
It is not uncommon in churches for relationships to have great centrality. As Christians we value fellowship, we want to build community and we believe in the importance of trying to act as a family. This can give real strength to our communities, but it can also mean that relationships …

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363GLS – What Makes a Good Leader – Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels talks through key points of what makes a good leader.

TRANSCRIPT: What Makes a Good Leader?
I usually use this little outline…
But now this is, I usually talk to leaders and I say “If you’re looking to add someone to your team, if you’re looking for a leader to add to your team, don’t ever …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 7: The Reprimand – John Truscott


This blog, the final one in this series, is a partner for No. 6 on encouragement. So I am still talking about 24/7 review.
I have seen it said, quite correctly, that bad management is to be criticised but never thanked. I would add that it is just as bad to be thanked but never criticised.
The …

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