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9 Ways to Look at Your Failures with the Eyes of Faith – Sunil Raheja

As we understand our failures and the mindset we have when things don’t go the way we expected or hoped for, there is also the issue of how my personal faith in God impacts my failings. How do I look at my failures with the eyes of faith? As a disciple of Christ, who has personally struggled with negative thoughts […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Church Administration Part 4: The Motivation – John Truscott

  Humans need motivation – that’s the way we are made.  Here we hit a problem with administration because it’s a beautiful, unobtrusive, shunning-the-limelight kind of ministry.  So where’s the motivation to get on with the job? I suggest there are two powerful but unusual motivators. First there is the satisfaction of doing something really […]

Making Your Dream a Reality Part 10 – Paul Bangs

Guest Blogger Paul Bangs is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach. He kindly responded to our request to provide an inspirational series for the ‘Lead & Learn’ site. Over the GLS season, Paul will be sharing how we can make our dream a reality. The programme is inspired by John C Maxwell’s […]