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Lessons For Young Leaders: Keep Your Missions Clear – Gordon Tuck

The church I served in after leaving Bible College in my late twenties was in a small town that had an army camp nearby. One of the soldiers serving there told me that it was drummed into them that their most important possession was the answer to this question, “What is your mission?”
I like looking …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Keep Your Sheep in Front – Jean Mackarel

Leave your sheep behind you and they stay there while you rush ahead with your great plans – soon they’re so far behind, you lose sight of them and they feel abandoned while you, their leader, blame them for turning back to their own affairs; but keep your sheep in front where your eye can …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Personal Philosophy of Ministry – John Partington

Some time ago now I began to draw up a simple list of what I called my “Personal Philosophy of Ministry”, which basically were some of the key ingredients and lessons I had learnt as a Pastor and Church Leader.
The list continues …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: What is That to You?… Follow Me – Bishop Ken Clarke

It is extraordinary how we can be getting on with God’s business and unexpectedly we are caught off guard by a development within our own soul. It takes us by surprise because it is not usually how we are, and the thoughts are not those we regularly entertain. We see others making progress and rather …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Give Young People Responsibility and Expect Great Things of Them – Dave Burke

You know that song ‘ When I survey the wondrous cross’ ? Isaac Watts’ original lyrics ran ‘Where the young prince of glory died’. Jesus was about 30 when he began his public ministry; the early church was a youth movement. The word ‘elders’ can confuse us today. Paul’s elders were probably quite young by …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Keep an Eye on Your Input/Output Balance – Mark Timmins

It is so easy to get involved in ministry when God has spoken to us and we are passionate about what He has called us to do. Youth work is not particularly on it’s own in this area; we all feel passionate and enthusiastic about what we are getting into, if we don’t we probably …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: The Greatest Investment in Life of the Church – Lynn McKenzie

My background in leadership is really privileged as I had the opportunity to be in leadership from a young age. This gave me great perspective on the balance between youth, inexperience and trust. My own leaders knew and trusted me as their daughter so encouraged me a lot from youth to become involved in church …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Keep it Simple, Because Simple Works – Andrew Evans

In my experience of nearly 14 years of leadership in churches, and 17 years at senior levels in Education before that, it’s too easy to make things more complicated than they really need to be. I work by the axiom ‘Keep it simple, because simple works’ and I’ve found it helps to really focus down …

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Lessons For Young Leaders: Everyone Has Spiritual Needs, No Matter Who They Are – Grayson Williams

Do not be overawed by the rich, the clever, the successful in the world’s eyes. They have spiritual needs just like any other person, and sometimes even greater than we first imagine. Trust Christ to help you reach these people and He will be there.
Grayson Williams, The Salvation Army
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Lessons For Young Leaders: You Can’t Do it all Yourself – Russell Wyles

One of the key lessons I learned as a young leader was that I cannot do it all myself. Recognising that there were others that could – and would – engage in ministry with me and under my leadership was a real revelation. It also opened my heart to the possibility of nurturing others – …

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