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An opportunity to interact with John Burke – Your questions

In the run-up to the Leaders Gathering event with John Burke, we are taking questions from delegates which, if time allows, can be addressed during the interactive aspects of the day. John will be sharing some of his own leadership discoveries and challenges which may well raise questions on the day, but if you have […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 5 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership, cont. Let’s talk about the messy leadership that cultivates environments where people far from God can grow up to become His church. How do we lead like that? I believe first we have to cultivate the soil with grace-giving acceptance. Grace is the environment where people grow best – where people begin […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 4 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership, cont. What did Jesus’ ministry look like? Messy! Isn’t that what the religious leaders of his day had a hard time with – how messy it was? He was hanging out with ethically corrupt tax collectors and former prostitutes and the partying sinners of his day – messy people, like the Samaritan […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 3 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership, cont. Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Before you answer that, let me tell you about a few leaders in our church. These people are fully following Christ and now they’re leading others spiritually but when they first came to our church it was downright messy: • Brian was an […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 2 – John Burke

Messy Spiritual Leadership I want to talk about messy spiritual leadership. I want to talk about the messy leadership required for the church to grow up out of the emerging cultural realities around us. The Apostle Paul writes to a very messy church in 1 Corinthians 3 and he says this, ‘I planted the seed, […]

Messy Spiritual Leadership Part 1 – John Burke

Cultivating the Soil Every year I plant flowers around this big tree right in the middle of our front yard, but when I first made that flower bed I had to seek advice because, quite honestly, I’m not good with plants. My wife isn’t either. In fact, I think between the two of us, we’ve […]


4 Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

Greetings Friends GLS 2013 resources provide inspirational content to come back to again and again… 1. The GLS 2013 on DVD, CD, and MP3 Team DVD Set | Individual CDs | Individual MP3s    2. Take Ten DVD Sets Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 Excellent 10-minute lessons from GLS sessions     3. Bargain Books Books at low, low prices. Visit our Amazon store for […]

GLS 2013 – Watch Again Online

Dear Friends I am delighted to advise that Brene Brown’s powerful GLS 2013 session, Daring Greatly, is available for you to watch online until 9 January. Also available is Bill Hybels’ encouraging session, The Courage Leadership Requires. Make sure you take the opportunity to share these sessions with your team. To access the videos, simply: Go to the WCA […]

A Leaders Gathering with John Burke – February 7th & 8th

We are very much looking forward to John Burke’s return visit in February. Do come with your leadership team if you can! Here’s some feedback from his 2010 visit for your interest: It was great to be taught by a leader of a large church who is down to earth and passionate about broken people.  […]

Jesus and Your Church 10 Years from Now

Come As You Are Conference MP3s and CDs Now Available Here The Sessions: Session 1 | Come As You Are With Your Truth James Emery White addresses truth, orthodoxy and the nature of the church in a world without absolutes. Session 2 | Asking the Right Questions As You Go John Burke on training congregations to […]