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How to Fail at Failing – James Emery White

How do you fail at failing? According to a recent article in Time magazine, all you have to do is study the recent collapse of Blockbuster. “Yes, the movie-rental firm was doomed,” Stephen Gandel writes, “But the ending could have been a lot better.”   There was little doubt that the practice of driving to a […]

What Often Hangs in the Balance – James Emery White

In a recent profile of Nike CEO Mark Parker in Fast Company, a picture was shown of his sketch book where he outlined the “balances” he felt he must navigate as a leader. For Parker, it included such things as: Micro – Macro Quantity – Quality Art – Science Wholesale – Retail Premium – Value Brands […]

Contemporvant – James Emery White

If you haven’t seen the mocking of contemporary megachurch services, self-deprecatingly created by a contemporary megachurch with services similar to the parody itself (North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia), check it out here: If you are at all familiar with this kind of church – meaning the mainstream American contemporary megachurch – it is […]

When is Something the Church? – James Emery White

I once sat in the boardroom of a prominent Christian business leader who proclaimed that his business was just as much the “church” as any other enterprise. I thought to myself, “Um, no, it’s not.”   A company is not the body of Christ instituted as the hope of the world by Jesus Himself, chronicled […]

20somethings on the Team – James Emery White

Why are so many senior church leaders having problems with 20something staff members? I’ve talked with several pastors and staff members of late who find the working arrangement challenging at best, maddening at worst.  Common complaints among the older folk include pride (they feel like they know how to do things better than everyone else), they […]

A Second Challenge of Church and Culture – James Emery White

There are two primary challenges culture brings to the church:  the first is to understand culture as the overarching context in which we live.  Such an understanding allows us to become sensitized to culture’s unique challenges as a shaping influence in thought and behavior; even further, to know where to be prophetic and how to […]

Innovating the Church: New Culture, New Methods – James Emery White

James Emery White: Innovating the Church: Session 1 Audio – New Culture, New Methods James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina; President of Church and Culture, a ministry which explores the intersection of faith and culture; and ranked adjunctive professor of theology and culture of Gordon-Conwell […]