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GLS 2014 Promotional Video – Bill Hybels

“Long before it was common to talk about leadership in the church I knew in my gut that a high  vision filled experience for Christian leaders was desperately needed. Now 20 years later stage has been set for an unprecedented global movement impacting 190,000 leaders in 105 all around the world.
What makes the Global Leadership …

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GLS 2014 Speaker Introductions

Bill Hybels photo


The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day event that is telecast LIVE from Willow’s campus near Chicago every August to more than 300+ locations in North America. Then, throughout the Autumn, the top-rated sessions are shown at Summit VIDEO events which take place in an additional 350+ cities, 105 countries—translated into 50 …

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4 Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

Greetings Friends
GLS 2013 resources provide inspirational content to come back to again and again…

1. The GLS 2013 on DVD, CD, and MP3

Team DVD Set | Individual CDs | Individual MP3s


2. Take Ten DVD Sets
Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3
Excellent 10-minute lessons from GLS sessions

    3. Bargain Books
Books at low, low prices.

Visit our Amazon store for more book options.
4. Tickets to A Leaders Gathering
A time of …

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GLS 2013 – Watch Again Online

Dear Friends
I am delighted to advise that Brene Brown’s powerful GLS 2013 session, Daring Greatly, is available for you to watch online until 9 January. Also available is Bill Hybels’ encouraging session, The Courage Leadership Requires. Make sure you take the opportunity to share these sessions with your team.

To access the videos, simply:

Go to the WCA website and enter your …

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GLS 2013: The Speakers


Greetings Friends
“Everyone wins when a leader gets better” – Bill Hybels
Increasingly we are dreaming of what our world could become when leaders from the church and all spheres of society resolve to lead better. We would begin to see the Kingdom of God unleashed in unparalleled ways. That’s why we host the Summit. We are committed …

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Defining Moments Shorts | The Pace of Change


How do you plan for change?
How do you effectively communicate during the change process?
When is incremental change needed?  When is revolutionary change needed?

Try and spend some time in prayer talking and listening to God about these two questions.
Listen to more from Bill Hybels and Jim Mellado on the subject of change here
Watch the GLS interview …

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Defining Moments Shorts | Succession


What do you need to consider when thinking about succession planning?
How can you positively transfer the leadership of an organisation?
How does a leader leave their leadership position well?

Try and spend some time in prayer talking and listening to God about these questions.
Listen to more here
Watch the full interview between Geoffrey Canada and Nancy Beach here 
Defining Moments …

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What is IT? – Craig Groeschel

Makes you curious doesn’t IT?!
Watch the full session with your leadership team along with other great training from the Global Leadership Summit 2008 here.
Details of this year’s GLS here.

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GLS Chicago almost fully booked – Graeme Paris


Greetings Friends
This year’s Summit in Chicago is scheduled for 8-9 AUGUST and is almost sold out already! We have been informed that the main auditorium has sold out completely except for reserved seats.
Fortunately, we have 100 seats reserved in the main auditorium UNTIL 20th MAY. Thereafter any remaining seats will be re-opened to US delegates. 

At present, the Summit speaker …

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Raising Up a New Generation of Irish Leaders 1


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Article links:
Download PDF article
GLS 2012 website
GLS 2011 Session ‘Where Are the Younger Leaders?’
Fields of Life website
Kiva website

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