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Making Your Dream a Reality Part 10 – Paul Bangs

Guest Blogger Paul Bangs is an evangelist, motivational speaker, business trainer and life coach. He kindly responded to our request to provide an inspirational series for the ‘Lead & Learn’ site. Over the GLS season, Paul will be sharing how we can make our dream a reality. The programme is inspired by John C Maxwell’s …

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3.2 Time Management, Energy Bursts, and What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Taken from the Leaders Gathering 2011, Bill Hybels provides a leadership masterclass on practical issues facing church pastors:
Leadership Masterclass | Session 3
Time Management, Energy Bursts, and What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

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Other Sessions
Session 1
1.1 Being Appropriately Challenged in Your Role1.2 Retaining and Developing the Right People1.3 Chemistry1.4 Employment Law and …

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The Highs and Lows of Leading an Arts & Worship Ministry Part 2

The Arts Roundtable:
Five ministry leaders get together to discuss the highs and lows of leading an arts ministry
Brian Petak, Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, Tennessee
Butch Whitmire, Granger Community Church, Granger, Indiana
Manuel Luz, Oak Hills Church, Folsom, California
Amy Anderson, Eagle Brook Church, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Stan Durham, Fellowship of the Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas

Amy mentioned a “bridge.” …

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Developing a Strategic Plan

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: Developing a Strategic Plan – Revisited
The first 20 years at Willow Creek:

There was no formal strategic plan in place
When the church first began, the whole plan was to lead people to Christ and grow them up
As the years went by, the church grew and more sub-ministries came into play and …

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Working Relationships: Leaders and Managers

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: FAQs Posed to Seasoned Pastors
“On our ministry teams we have both managers and leaders, each making important, different contributions. How can managers and leaders work together without one dominating the other and without driving each other crazy?”
It is always going to be a dance – these are two fundamentally different …

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Depleted Leaders

Notes from a seminar session by Mindy Caliguire for Senior Pastors at Willow Creek:
The most important qualification for leadership is the spiritual vitality and interior lives of the leaders, whatever their gifting.
The current situation: a lot of leaders are depleted. They are not experiencing the life that they are inviting others into.
 Can we look in the …

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Defining Moments | Emotionally Healthy Leadership – Bill Hybels & Pete Scazzero


Defining Moments MP3 Episode
Your leadership is affected more than you may imagine by the your emotional health. Listen to Bill Hybels and Pete Scazzero, Senior Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NY and author of The Emotionally Healthy Church and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality discuss ways to assess your own emotional health, the affects of …

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