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Going Deep – Dave Edwins

‘What might happen if a church made the development of deep people its highest priority? What if a church decided that it’s pastor’s greatest responsibility was to lead the effort to produce a continuous flow of deep people?’ Gordon MacDonald, Going Deep, Preface   It was during 2013 that we discovered Gordon MacDonald’s book Going Deep. […]

GLS Taster Session with Joseph Grenny

Difficult Conversations – Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny gives an injection of leadership wisdom at Willow Creek Community Church to launch The Global Leadership Summit 2014 season. Grenny focuses on disproportionate influence in critical moments and how to understand it from a leadership perspective. Find out more about the Global Leadership Summit 2014

GLS 2014 Promotional Video - Bill Hybels

GLS 2014 Promotional Video – Bill Hybels

“Long before it was common to talk about leadership in the church I knew in my gut that a high  vision filled experience for Christian leaders was desperately needed. Now 20 years later stage has been set for an unprecedented global movement impacting 190,000 leaders in 105 all around the world. What makes the Global […]

Leading from Your True Self – Rich Villodas

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s prayer in the Daily Office, p149 ~ Leading from Your True Self Last week at our New Life “Kardia” Leadership conference, we invited Dr. Robert Mulholland to speak to over 175 ministry leaders from New Life on “Leading from your true self.” Throughout the day, he unpacked the themes […]

GLS 2014 Speaker Introductions

LEAD WHERE YOU ARE The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day event that is telecast LIVE from Willow’s campus near Chicago every August to more than 300+ locations in North America. Then, throughout the Autumn, the top-rated sessions are shown at Summit VIDEO events which take place in an additional 350+ cities, 105 countries—translated into […]

'Beyond Nice' book cover

Challenges and Solutions to Make Your Church More Effective Today – Part 3

Challenge three – Grown-up volunteering Working with volunteers is very different from working with paid staff. Someone once said it was like the difference between a South American bolas and a set of planets around a sun. A bolas is a series of balls attached to a central point by rope, whereas planets only circle […]

One-to-one meeting

A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 5: The Review – John Truscott

“Ah,” you say, “the dreaded annual appraisal”. To confirm your feelings, watch this clip (ignore the non-appraisal bit!): And that’s what appraisal is all about for many line managers, with Christians being little different. Sad. So let’s start again. I’ll avoid the A word and use the broader R one, Review. Here are four key […]

One-to-one meeting

A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 4: The Plan – John Truscott

This time I build on the three foundations of job description, person profile and employment terms to create a plan for the worker that will give them a right balance of challenge and support. Getting that balance just right is your responsibility. It will be different for each person you manage. No, not easy! Personal […]