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Difficult Conversations – Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny gives an injection of leadership wisdom at Willow Creek Community Church to launch The Global Leadership Summit 2014 season. Grenny focuses on disproportionate influence in critical moments and how to understand it from a leadership perspective.

Find out more about the Global Leadership Summit 2014

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Challenges and Solutions to Make Your Church More Effective Today – Part 2

Challenge two – Relationships and accountability
It is not uncommon in churches for relationships to have great centrality. As Christians we value fellowship, we want to build community and we believe in the importance of trying to act as a family. This can give real strength to our communities, but it can also mean that relationships …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 7: The Reprimand – John Truscott


This blog, the final one in this series, is a partner for No. 6 on encouragement. So I am still talking about 24/7 review.
I have seen it said, quite correctly, that bad management is to be criticised but never thanked. I would add that it is just as bad to be thanked but never criticised.
The …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 6: The Encouragement – John Truscott


Last time we looked at specific review points, from a weekly meeting to the annual or six-monthly setting of aims and targets. But line management should be seen as a continuous process 24/7. It’s an ongoing relationship.
Let’s recap. I’ve noted that your attitude needs to be one of developing the worker to be the best …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 5: The Review – John Truscott


“Ah,” you say, “the dreaded annual appraisal”. To confirm your feelings, watch this clip (ignore the non-appraisal bit!):
And that’s what appraisal is all about for many line managers, with Christians being little different. Sad.
So let’s start again. I’ll avoid the A word and use the broader R one, Review. Here are four key points.

Review is …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 4: The Plan – John Truscott


This time I build on the three foundations of job description, person profile and employment terms to create a plan for the worker that will give them a right balance of challenge and support. Getting that balance just right is your responsibility. It will be different for each person you manage. No, not easy!
Personal aims
You …

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NEW! Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Dear Friends
Just a note to advise that we have just taken delivery of this great book by the excellent Ken Davis.
Ken has spoken at Willow a good number of times over the years – in the church and also at the Preaching and Teaching conferences. He is a speaker, a comedian and a professional speaking …

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Leading in New Cultural Realties – John Burke, GLS 2008 Main Session

Session Outline
I. Cultivating the Soil
II. Messy Spiritual Leadership
III. Grace-Giving Acceptance
IV. Authentic, Confessing Community
V. Constant Connection to Jesus
Team Process Tools
1. Personal Reflection: Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away?
2. John described several barriers to grace for people in his community. Brainstorm with your team about what barriers to grace exist for …

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Defining Moments Shorts | The Pace of Change


How do you plan for change?
How do you effectively communicate during the change process?
When is incremental change needed?  When is revolutionary change needed?

Try and spend some time in prayer talking and listening to God about these questions.
Listen to more from Bill Hybels and Jim Mellado on the subject of change here
Watch the GLS interview with …

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Comms Lab with Rob Harley – 12

Comms Lab 12 Video
This week:

Reflecting on life lessons from Sir Edmund Hillary
Unlikely Heroes
The Power of a Great start to your message

Main Page
Comms Lab Main Page
Further Resources
Click here for other resources available by Rob Harley.
The Labs
Comms Lab with Rob Harley – 1Comms Lab with Rob Harley – 2Comms Lab with Rob Harley – 3Comms Lab with Rob …

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