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GLS Season: How’s your Holy Discontent these days?

In this session, Bill hypothesises that a “firestorm experience” or “Popeye moment” needs to occur in a leader’s life in order for a vision to be birthed from their Holy Discontent.

Have you ever had such an experience (or seen it happen in another leader), and the vision it birthed?
How has that vision impacted your church …

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GLS 2013: The Speakers


Greetings Friends
“Everyone wins when a leader gets better” – Bill Hybels
Increasingly we are dreaming of what our world could become when leaders from the church and all spheres of society resolve to lead better. We would begin to see the Kingdom of God unleashed in unparalleled ways. That’s why we host the Summit. We are committed …

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Bill Hybels’ ‘From Here to There’ – Review by Emma Lambert


Emma Lambert joined Willow Creek UK & Ireland for two weeks’ work experience from The King’s School, Fair Oak, Nr Southampton. Asked about her favourite subjects at school, she decisively answered “English” and “writing”, so we set her to task on various written assignments.
In this assignment Emma was asked to review Bill Hybels’ session, ‘From Here to …

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1.1 Evangelism


Taken from the Leaders Gathering 2012, Bill Hybels and Andy Stanley provide a leadership masterclass on practical issues facing church pastors:
Leadership Masterclass 2012 | Session 1

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Leadership Masterclass MP3/CD Set

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I actually thought I’d never leave the business world – Bill Hybels

I grew up in a family that was totally business oriented, that’s what my original training was in, and it was going to take a very powerful idea to get to move me away from that comfortable position in our family business…
… But that powerful idea hit me like a truck, and it was the idea …

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A Change to this Year’s GLS Speaker Line-Up – Graeme Paris

Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks withdrew from speaking at this years  Global Leadership Summit for the reasons that Bill Hybels explains on the video clip that is below for you – it was disappointing not to have Howard speak and even more disappointing for the reason and pressure applied that caused this decision.

Patrick Lencioni who …

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REVEAL and Making Disciples – Bill Hybels Audio

Taken from the Leaders Gathering 2011, Bill Hybels shares from his experience of REVEAL and the lessons it has taught Willow Creek Community Church.
Copyright Willow Creek Association. Duplication prohibited.
Consider taking the survey…
“We undertook a Reveal Survey in 2010. We had been talking about discipleship or spiritual transformation for some time and how we might be more …

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1: One Leader’s Journey with REVEAL – Greg Hawkins with Bill Hybels

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One Leader’s Journey with REVEAL – Greg Hawkins & Bill Hybels
Greg Hawkins (Executive Pastor) introduces the background to REVEAL and Bill Hybels talks about the ways REVEAL is impacting and changing his thinking as a church leader and how this new spiritual growth tool is providing insight in to key decisions for Willow Creek’s …

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Inside REVEAL Part 1: The Origins of REVEAL

Several years ago, Willow Creek Community Church did a survey of the congregation that revealed some very interesting and surprising data. That data brought new, relevant information to the leadership at Willow and influenced everything from strategic planning to budget and staff allocation. Since that time, the original survey has morphed into a huge research …

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Leaders Gathering with Bill Hybels – Dublin Feedback

Some feedback received from the event…
Thank you for all the work and prayer you put into organising the leaders gathering in Dublin last week. This was a whole new experience for me having a renowned leader like Bill Hybels , with his wealth of experience just making himself available to us to ask him questions on whatsoever …

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