Leaders Gathering with Bill Hybels – Stafford Feedback

Some feedback received from the event…

Thank you to Willow UK in organising what, for me, was one of the most amazing Leadership Conferences ever.
The reason I say that is mainly down to it not being the usual pre-written delivery of important leadership principles (however good they are…and they are!), but, through the genuinly Q & A format, the whole day was an insight into a wise and humble man sharing his successes, but more importantly, his mistakes that he has learned from in Local (and global) church Leadership.
It felt a great privilege to learn from someone who has done it, learned from doing it and clearly wanting to improve, when at an age when most church leaders are concentrating their energies to anticipating their ‘retirement’.
Bill Hybels has been an inspiration to many by being prepared to do the best he can, with what God has given him through the Holy Spirit’s power, and be willing to help any who want help along the way. How influential in the world today would be the local church were we prepared to be the same?
Thank you again, and I look forward to the next opportunity.
May God bless you continually at Willow UK.
Roy H Skeates, Stockton Heath Christian Fellowship, Warrington

“The most relevant and effective leadership training day I have been to. I found the principles that Bill shared so applicable to our situation, and language that we could use straight away. However not only was the practicals of his teaching so good, it was the spirit of the man that was inspiring. To have a resource and a gift to the Kingdom like Bill so accessible has been such a benefit to us in our journey of building church. Thank you”
Kirk McAtear, Kings Christian Centre

Bill Hybel’s loving challenge to do the best we can for the sake of the Bride of Christ and his humble candor about his own journey instills a sense of hope and perseverance in me. His obvious passion for the Local Church as the Hope of the World is infectious and his willingness to share ideas of best practise is inspiring. Anyone who has an opportunity to engage this man in this kind of question and answer session and fails to do so is missing a great opportunity to learn and recharge their leadership batteries. 
The Revd George H. Rogers Vicar of St. The Baptist with Emmanuel Werrington.The group of us that came were truly blessed, encouraged and fired up after leaving Stafford.  We have a lot of decisions to make as church grows and we transition to a new senior pastor. The conference gave us tools and confidence to move forward.  Bill made himself very vulnerable by opening himself up to questions off the floor.  I am usually bored at conferences and don’t write notes but this time I wrote 6 pages and each session seemed like 20 mins.  It was life changing stuff.  Thank you.   
Andy Robinson, New Life Christian Centre Derby

It was a very challenging but inspirational day for me . In future I  will certainly do my very best for God and try to present Him with an ‘unblemished lamb’ in all that I do to serve Him.  All our members appreciate what Bill is doing for us as a leadership team and we look forward to hearing more from him at the Global Gathering later in the year.
Pat Kibbler, St Paul’s, Warwick

“Our team time with Bill Hybels was outstanding, in my opinion the richest learning experience we have ever had together as a team. Bill was clear, practical & honest – real leader to leader stuff was imparted. Thank you.”
Lukas Dewhirst – The Foundry, Widnes, Cheshire

“Bill not only talked about but also modelled ‘servant leadership’ as he humbly shared with us.”
Paul Wilson, Methodist Minister, Knutsford

It was such a brilliant day and well worth the overnight drive… 
I was so relieved that the day made the most of investing Bill’s distilled wisdom into other leaders.
I’d jump at the chance to do it again.
Matt Green, New Generation Church, Sidcup

“Church leadership insights that were first hand and first rate. To have an opportunity to be with other Church Leaders and having questions discussed with Bill that were in areas we struggle with daily was a phenomenal opportunity I am glad I didn’t miss”
Tim Smith, Vicar, St Jude’s Church, Plymouth

“I’ve now been to five of Bill’s leaders gatherings, and every time I leave challenged to be a better leader, inspired again that the local church really is the hope of the world and motivated to do everything I can do to build the kingdom of God”
Simon Benham, Kerith Community Church, Bracknell

“To hear Bill Hybels in the flesh was great. I was not disappointed. I was gently encouraged to live a devoted life, remain committed to building an Acts 2 church, raise up great leaders and not get concerned with all the other nonsense of ministry – great advice for a leader who wants to improve! Bill Hybels is a living example of a broken, surrendered leader. I was challenged and inspired”.
Kristian Thorpe, Lead Pastor, Arena Church

Spending time with Bill unplugged was an amazing experience. Challenged me to my core and I left saying I wish “I did not come to hear this” as I am now responsible for my response, what Bill brought cannot be ignored demands actions. Bill was amazing, open, honest, frank, challenging and foucsed on what matters most the Misson of Jesus through the local church.  Amazing day.
Sola Osinoiki, Kerith Community Church, Bracknell

“Yesterday with Bill was such a brilliant day! He confirmed the wisdom of some of the tough things we have had to do, he challenged us to think more strategically about others and inspired us throughout with his burning passion that the local church is the hope of the world. I came away with my team and have returned home hugely encouraged, greatly enthused and very excited about the next steps we need to take.”
The Revd H David Uffindell, Vicar of Sunningdale

The team found the event to be engaging, interactive, thought provoking based on fact and experiences learnt.  We still have a way to go – but it’s forward and in excellence – the best for our God – His ministry!
Lorraine Jenkins , Lee Abbey, Lynton, North Devon

Refreshingly honest, yet encouraging, making improving leadership skills a necessity, yet possible!
Linda Hall, Head of Pastoral Care, Vineyard Church, St Albans

A great day out! Bill Hybels combines sound common sense, clear churchmanship with a deeply spiritual and biblical heart. A great day with great challenges.
Pastor Andrew Gardner, Fulwood Free Methodist Church, Preston

Having Bill input into us in such an intimate setting truly was a once in a life time experience!
Thank You
Josh Wright, Longton Community Church, Preston

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