Jesus and Your Church 10 Years from Now

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The Sessions:

Session 1 | Come As You Are With Your Truth
James Emery White addresses truth, orthodoxy and the nature of the church in a world without absolutes.

Session 2 | Asking the Right Questions As You Go
John Burke on training congregations to see with Jesus’ eyes and mobilising them to move outward on mission.

Session 3 | Growing the Church on Sundays
James Emery White. A deep and biblical sense of cultural engagement and mission is vital. So how does that translate to Sundays?

Session 4 | Discipling the Church Every Day
John Burke provides practical insights on connecting people in community, one-on-one discipleship, and developing a ‘lost to leading’ culture.

Session 5 | Come As You Are Into the Mess
John Burke on grace, truth, discipline and accountability within the messiness of a come as you are culture.

Session 6 | Messiness and Unity
James Emery White on misplaced missional energy and being a unified church without walls.

Session 7 | Jesus and Your Church 10 Years From Now
James Emery White looks at the trends, changes and challenges that face the future of the Church, and the vital role your leadership will play.

Session 8 | Jesus and You 10 Years From Now
John Burke looks at courageous self-leadership.

The two speakers in their different ways were outstanding. It was a great combination of head and heart. Enlightening, provocative, and easily applicable. Ben Davies, Kerith Community Church, Bracknell

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