Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference 2012 – Session Notes

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  1. Willow

    Some notes and quotes from the day…

    Emotional health and spiritual maturity are inseparable. Is is not possible for a Christian to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.

    What are you mad about? What are you sad about? What are you anxious about? What are you glad about? Do this exercise often. Even if we’re not aware of it, it’s still going on. Buried emotions don’t go away. It is unbiblical and inhuman not to feel.
    How do you build healthy community with people who don’t feel?

    Are you still living your family commandments? Every family has a ‘ten commandments.’ All the time we have family scripts from our childhood going on in our minds. But God has a new script.

    In my day I need a rhythm of pausing. Communion with God is the goal. Nothing more and nothing less.

    When I’m quiet with God, it’s amazing how much he wants to say.

    There are two extremes of Sabbath: Legalism and irrelevance

    On the sabbath, God says, ‘Let go of all you’re unfinished goals and let me love you.’

    We don’t keep the sabbath, the sabbath keeps us.

    If you don’t delight in the Sabbeth then you’ve missed the point. Stop working and learn to play!

    Create a rule of life. It’s purpose is to anchor your life in God in the midst of enormous change. Do you have a rhythm of life that makes this possible?

    The goal of life is to receive the love of God and give it away.

    I embrace the limits God has given me.

    Healthy churches can’t help but grow…at God’s pace.

    Will Salmon
    Willow Creek UK & Ireland

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