Culture Vulture – Part 3 – Chris Stoddard

We all see the world around us through a particular filter which we call our ‘world view’.  As believers we also tend to see the church through a filter as well and often can only imagine doing ‘church’ things in a particular way. The fact is that the culture around us is very different and if we are intentional about reaching people with the good news of Jesus it may require us to make some uncomfortable adjustments. It’s no good just waiting for people to turn up one Sunday morning – if they were going to do that then surely they’d have come by now! We cannot just expect non church people to come and fit into a culture that doesn’t exist anywhere else. That’s not to say that this is wrong, Jesus calls us to be counter–cultural and to live and model different lives but the starting point for mission may well have to be in a very different context.

More on this next time. Until then, try imagining what it would be like to enter your church for the first time as a non church person. Try it this Sunday. Better still, take a risk and ask a non church friend to come along and give you feedback.

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About Guest Blogger Chris Stoddard– Director, Lead Academy

Chris has spent over 20 years in pastoral ministry in the UK most recently at Aylesbury Baptist Church where he took specific responsibility for mission and worship. He was one of the founders of RUN (Reaching the Unchurched Network) and served as its Director until the end of 2009. He is part of the leadership team of Eurochurch, a European-wide leadership network and is also co-author of Church on the Edge.

Chris is married to Liz and they live in Buckinghamshire.

Lead Academy invites senior leaders to bring a small team and join a 2 year learning community with a number of other churches from similar ministry contexts. For more information visit www.leadacademy.net or contact us info@leadacademy.net

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