1: One Leader’s Journey with REVEAL – Greg Hawkins with Bill Hybels

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One Leader’s Journey with REVEAL – Greg Hawkins & Bill Hybels


Greg Hawkins (Executive Pastor) introduces the background to REVEAL and Bill Hybels talks about the ways REVEAL is impacting and changing his thinking as a church leader and how this new spiritual growth tool is providing insight in to key decisions for Willow Creek’s ministry.


  • Greg Hawkins – the background to REVEAL
  • Introducing the spiritual continuum
  • Bill Hybels – reaction and response to the findings of REVEAL

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Process Tools
by Chris Hollies
REVEAL Consultant

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1. Personal reflection: Write down the key insight that you can personally take away.

2. Greg Hawkins defined a disciple as someone who is growing in their intimacy with God and others. By what methods are you currently seeking to do this in your own church and how do you know if they are being effective?

3.  Greg explained the spiritual continuum and the segmentation of this into 4:

  • Exploring Christ.
  • Growing in Christ.
  • Close to Christ.
  • Christ centred.

Do you recognise these segments to be true? Please discuss as to what extent this may be of significance to you and your church’s context.

4. Facts are your friends. Bill Hybels asked why any leader would not want to utilise REVEAL to find out just what the facts are in the life of their church.  Can you think of any reason(s) why you should not make use of the REVEAL survey in your church’s case? Can these issues be overcome and if so, how?

5. What can we do? Three main catalysts for growth across the spiritual continuum were highlighted by Bill that are certainly worth our consideration.

  • Engagement with God’s Word.
  • Spiritual community.
  • Providing serving opportunities – especially with the poor.

Taking the four segments into account and thinking about your church’s approach to discipleship, what initiatives/ ideas could you introduce in seeking to incorporate these three catalysts to a greater degree than you may be already?

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