Your Church and an End to Human Trafficking in the UK – Ben Cooley

Justice has been done to the 9 men jailed at the beginning of May for trafficking and sexual exploitation offences in Oldham, Manchester. The judge told the men; “What triggered this prosecution was your lust and greed”. This kind of devastating disrespect for the lives of others is a tragedy replicated in so many of the cases encountered by anti-trafficking and anti-slavery organisation, Hope for Justice.

Hope for Justice is driven by a vision to see the end of human trafficking in the UK, in our lifetime. Not enough people know that trafficking happens on our doorsteps far more often than it makes the headlines. With victims often unidentified for a long time, Hope for Justice train frontline organisations and supporters to ‘spot the signs’ of human trafficking and report suspected cases. As an organisation, we work closely with the Police but recognise the distinct need for an NGO with so many victims coming from parts of the world where the police are feared. As masters of manipulation, traffickers will sometimes deliberately instil a fear of the police in their victims by taunting that ‘they own the police’ or dressing up as police officers before abusing them. It is in the face of such a devious foe that Hope for Justice has developed a process of coming alongside a victim to build bridges of trust between them and the police.

Hope for Justice seeks to operate on four main fronts in this on-going fight against human trafficking:

  1. Investigating and bringing about the rescue of victims from the abuse of human trafficking
  2. Assisting in the protection and rehabilitation of victims
  3. Ensuring perpetrators are held responsible for their crimes via prosecution
  4. Campaigning at local, national and international level to ensure the laws on human trafficking work effectively to combat the problem

Your Church Can Be a Part of the Solution

Hope for Justice is passionate about the huge potential in local churches to act justly and bring lasting transformation to broken lives.  As an organisation, Hope for Justice believes that the local church is a big part of the solution to human trafficking and through our Church Partnership programme, our hope is that each new partner church punches another hole in the darkness; the more partners that rally to the cause the more light floods in and the closer we will be to seeing an end to human trafficking in the UK.

For more information about Hope for Justice and in particular, our Church Partnership Programme, check out www.hopeforjustice.org.uk/church-partnership  or give the office a call on 0845 5197402.

All the very best
Ben Cooley


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