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Million Leaders Mandate Volume 2

The Million Leaders Mandate Volume 2 video course is free to all:

  • Having attended the MLM course ourselves, we were so captivated by the vision that we wanted to provide this online resource for everyone! Simply access the programme below.
  • Furthermore, we were so impressed with the content that we adapted it into an online course for WCA members using Willow Creek leadership material. We called it Developing Courageous Leaders (DCL) and you can access it here.
  • You can also read how becoming a WCA member makes you a partner in the vision here.



Lesson 1: Today Can Be a Masterpiece
Lesson 2: Managing My Attitudes, Priorities and Health
Lesson 3: Managing My Family, Thinking and Commitment
Lesson 4: Managing My Finances, Faith and Relationships
Lesson 5: Managing My Generosity, Values and Growth
Lesson 6: Managing My Personal Growth


Lesson 1: The Right to Have Followers
Lesson 2: Are We Prepared for Relationships?
Lesson 3: Are We Willing to Focus on Others?
Lesson 4: Can We Build Mutual Trust?
Lesson 5: Are We Willing to Invest in Others?
Lesson 6: Can We Create Win-Win Relationships?


Lesson 1: The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organisation
Lesson 2: The Challenges 360 Degree Leaders Face
Lesson 3: The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Up
Lesson 4: The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across
Lesson 5: The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down
Lesson 6: The 360 Degree Leader and Generosity

NOTEBOOK 4: Thinking for a Change

Lesson 1: Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life
Lesson 2: Focused Thinking and Creative Thinking
Lesson 3: Realistic Thinking and Strategic Thinking
Lesson 4: Possibility Thinking and Reflective Thinking
Lesson 5: Popular Thinking and Shared Thinking
Lesson 6: Unselfish Thinking and Bottom-Line Thinking


MODULES 5-6: In Development

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