Why the Summit? FINAL Summit Party Giveaway!

We asked Jim Mellado, President of the Willow Creek Association why he loves serving the innovative leaders within the church. JR Kerr, pastor at Park Community Church in Chicago (a Summit host site), took a few minutes during the GLS in 2011 to interview Jim.

We humans have a tendency to put our ‘stuff’ on the unchanging beautiful Gospel message. We put on it our culture and rules and regulations… and sometimes the ‘stuff’ we add can become confusing and misguides us about what way is the Jesus way.

But in every generation there’s always a courageous few. There’s always a group that prunes away the ‘stuff’ that isn’t core to the Gospel. At the WCA, we seek to serve those leaders, who are on the edges working to get back to the heart of the Gospel message.

Regardless of what church you’re called to serve in, we hope that you can glean inspiration and vision from the Summit. We hope you’ll take a few minutes and explore the 2011 Summit Backstage videos and blog posts with session summaries to give you a little taste of what’s in store this year. You’re not in this alone. Our team is praying for you and rooting for you every step of the way!

* Used with permission from wcablog.com


Super Early Bird Deadline June 30! Make sure you register for the 2012 event at the best rates. If you’re a leader, anywhere, you don’t want to miss these two days that will encourage and challenge your.

We’ve got one more giveaway up our sleeve for the Deadline Party! Leave a comment on our Facebook page about who you’d invite and why if we gave you a free ticket for them. We’ll choose one lucky winner next week!

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