From 81 Million to Zero in Three Years

In 2009 DuPont generated 81 million pounds of landfill waste annually at their 15 global sites. The landfill disposal met all corporate, country, and local requirements, but with a commitment to environmental stewardship, DuPont believed they could do better. Dave Walter, North American Strategic Project Manager at DuPont Building Innovations led a large global project with a goal to reduce the landfill to zero in three short years.

Dave, a self-proclaimed “huge advocate” of the WCA’s Leadership Summit, realized one company did not have all the tools it took to get DuPont to their zero landfill goal. It would take inclusive innovation and the strength of many—values speakers have addressed at previous Leadership Summits. “There have been many insights I have gained from each of the five Summits I have attended,” says Dave. “All of that learning went into my thinking and day-to-day approach [of the project].”

Reaching zero landfill in three years was an ambitious goal, but DuPont’s Building Innovations did it. Today DuPont reduces, reuses, and recycles waste, and generates more than two million dollars of revenue each year through the sale of by-product materials that previously wound up in landfill.

“The Leadership Summit has definitely helped me to be a better leader and a better expander of the kingdom of God,” says Dave.

* Used with permission from wcablog.com


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  1. Bill’s exhortation to face up to problems and deal with them inspired us to re-design the way we do church members’ meetings . We started earlier with a meal, and organized the seating so that people could discuss issues in groups (with facilitators). I publicly said that chairing these meetings wasn’t in my gift mix and handed the chairing over to someone else. The result has been very positive, constructive and inspiring meetings which has given people a sense of ownership over our vision and direction.

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