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What members have said about WCA

“I have never felt so affirmed and energised in my 25 year ministry than through our relationship with the Willow Creek Association. Their resources are biblically based, culturally relevant and practically orientated. The growth we have seen in the ministry at Virginia Water in recent years is directly attributable by God’s Grace and to the Willow Creek resources and strategies we have embraced and implemented.” Rev Stephen Sizer, Christ Church Virginia Water

“If the focus of your ministry is concern for reaching out to lost people, watching them grow to maturity in Christ, being built up in their faith, and reaching the next generation for Christ, then I would say join the WCA because whatever your theological background there are people there who are passionately concerned for the same thing that your are. And through the resources, the training, the friendship, and the personal care that I’ve experienced, I don’t know a better organisation to help make that happen.”Peter Short, Waterfont Church, UK

“Being part of the Willow Creek Association has been a fundamental factor in the growth of our church. The support is wholehearted, the resources are outstanding and the sheer enthusiasm is contagious. It is great to belong!” Pastor John Kearns, Old Roan Baptist Church

“I attend a Willow Creek conference expecting to learn techniques. However I always leave having received something more vital – a fresh encounter with God Himself. Willow’s honesty, integrity and passion shine through. They don’t sell you a product but principles. They don’t want clones but they do set an exemplary challenge.”Dave Richards, St Paul’s & St George’s, Edinburgh

“Conferences are always encouraging, challenging and inspiring times for both myself and the Church. Principles which have been learned have been relevant and straight forward in their application in England.”Paul Finch, St Andrews and All Saints Malvern

…. and the international community

“I know of no better place than the Willow Creek Association. The generosity, the willingness to help, the materials, the challenge… I wouldn’t miss this for anything!” Dwight Mason, Sugarcreek Free Methodist Church – USA

”Joining the Willow Creek Association really gives you an opportunity to get around a world-class, best practice, cutting-edge church, and strong leader like Bill Hybels. As a leader, I want to get around people who stretch and inspire me. And being a Member of the Association really allows me to do that. I think every pastor should take advantage of the Association – which doesn’t require them to leave their denomination or their traditional way of doing things – but enables them to join with a group they can so much from.”Mark Connor, Waverley Christian Fellowship – Australia

”I encourage pastors to be a part of the Willow Creek Association because there are few places you can go with like-minded people to feel like you’re really a part something that is touching the world, and a part of leaders who are in the trenches. They’re committed to the same things we’re committed to. There’s a sense of community and sharing our vision and reaching the goals that God has before us.”Bruce Wesley, Clear Creek Community Church – USA

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